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20 oz Textured Marine Grade Boat Carpet

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20 oz Textured Marine Grade Boat Carpet

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20 oz Textured Premium Boat Carpet (Marine Grade)

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Our Premium 20 oz marine carpet with performance enhanced polypropylene has proven to be exceptional line of carpet for the marine industry. This unique product delivers phenomenal quality, extrordinary beauty and enhanced performance, that exceeds all customer expectations. The Premium 20 oz marine carpet is a heavy weight, solid cut pile product with a Berber carpet finish offering superior quality and performance.

The Premium 20 oz Marine Carpet is tuff, and has precision cut-loop product offering berber style patterns, texture and color, with a look and finish that can only be achieved with’s cutting-edge technology.

This style of marine carpet has a Premium Berber feel, designed for outdoor use on boats. Equipped with fade and stain resistant technology and a rubber backing that resists mold and mildew. Our Premium 20 oz Series of carpet is incredibly comfortable and durable. It is weather proofed and UV treated, so it will NOT fade in the sun or stain from spills.

The technology behind our marine grade Premium 20 oz has raised the standard for all carpet manufacturers in the marine and boat industry. All carpets manufactured are on the cutting edge of marine carpet production.

Recommended Boats

Pontoon Boats (Fishing pontoon boats not recommended), Speed Boats, Sailboats, Deck Boats, Ski Boats, Yachts, House Boats

Premium Textured Marine Carpet Questions

What is the difference between Premium 20 oz and the other styles? 

Our Premium 20 oz is designed for boaters looking to add style to their boat. It is a textured cut loop style that is very similar to a berber style carpet. It does not offer as thick of a feel as a cut pile, but the textured cut loop still offers a plush feel while adding style and comfort. 

Premium 20 oz VS. Classic 20 oz marine carpet? 

Premium 20 oz offers a berber texture that adds a different style to your boat, while Classic 20 oz is a cut pile design that is very plush. Classic 16 oz and 20 oz is the industry standard for most boat manufacturers, where Premium 20 oz marine grade product is found in higher end boats where styling is more important to consumers.

Is Premium 20 oz right for my boat? 

Premium 20 oz can be used in virtually any type of boat. However, we do not recommend it for application in Bass Boats because its cut loop texture. If you are looking to add extra style and comfort, look no further than Premium 20 oz. It works great in Pontoons, Deck Boats, Ski and Wakeboard Boats, House Boats, Yachts, among many other types of boats.

How hard is boat carpet to install? 

Actually, despite what most think, marine grade boat carpet is very easy to install! Most find that the hardest part is ripping out the old carpet. We provide free marine carpet installation instructions with every roll and have in depth instructions on our site to ensure your instillation is a breeze. If you ever have questions you can call our offices for help also.

What’s the difference between your carpet adhesive and regular carpet adhesive I can pick up from a hardware store? 

The main 3 differences between the marine carpet adhesive we offer and others, is that our boat carpet adhesive is a water based adhesive. It is specifically manufactured to be used with our rubber backed boat carpet, and it cures much faster than other carpet adhesives.

Does offer other sizes of boat carpet that aren’t on the website? 

Yes we do, the best way to go about getting a price for a custom cut of boat carpet is to call us at 1-888-283-0704. Let us know the style of boat carpet, dimensions you are needing, and we will be able to quote you a price over the phone.

Do you only offer the colors shown on your website? 

Yes, all the different colors we have available for boat carpet are shown on our website. If you are a wholesaler and you are looking for a special color, we can manufacture that special color for you but there is a 8’W x 100’L minimum.

Do we offer samples of our marine grade boat carpet? 

Yes we do, just fill out our request a sample form and your boat carpet samples will go out the next business day.

Warranty on’s boat carpet? 

All of our boat carpet is backed by a 3 year warranty, and that also includes our bunk carpet.


Long after carpet of conventional man-made colored BCF fibers start fading, the yarn in our Standard 16 oz continues to show its true colors, because this yarn is the most highly ultraviolet stabilized colored BCF fiber yet developed.


Carpets manufactured by are inherently stain resistant, however, periodic care such as vacuuming and washing with household detergents and warm water will help the carpet retain the original appearance. All stains should be removed as soon as possible as this enhances the ability to remove the stain.


This indoor/outdoor carpet meets or exceeds non-flammability requirements of U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC FF-1-70 Pill Test).

Marine Carpet Colors Available:

Sahara Tan, Graphite, Jasmine Blue, Burgundy, Ivy Green, Mint Green

>Boat Carpet Sizes Available:

8.5' wide by 16' long, 8.5' wide by 20' long, 8.5' wide by 25' long, 8.5' wide by 30' long, 8.5' wide by 40' long, 8.5' wide by 50' long, 8.5' wide by 100' long

Dont settle for less when shopping for new marine grade boat carpet. Chose!

  • Most Durable Carpet in its class
  • Stain Resistant
  • UV Protected- Fade Resistant
  • Ravel Resistant
  • Mold and Mildew Proof
  • Three Year warranty
  • Rubber-backed carpet for boats
  • Glues down easily for fast installation
  • Durability made for years of use
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Styles of boat carpet Classic, Premium, and Luxury

  • Classic 16oz and 20oz Boat Carpet is great for any outdoor or indoor application. Our Classic marine grade boat carpet is rubber backed, ravel resistant, stain resistant, mold resistant, mildew resistant, fade resistant, UV resistant, and backed by a three year warranty. We offer marine carpet in a wide variety of sizes and colors to meet the demands of any application.
  • Premium 20oz Textured Boat Carpet is ideal for any boaters who are looking to add style and comfort to their boat. This textured marine carpet is designed after typical household berber carpet, but it will protect and add style to your boat for years to come. Not only does this marine grade carpet look great, but it is also manufactured with technology to resist all of the harsh marine elements.
  • Luxury 28oz Sculptured Boat Carpet is the highest quality of marine grade carpet available. This luxury boat carpet has the feel of indoor carpet, while exceeding the standards of marine grade carpet. Our 28oz Sculptured Boat Carpet will add a luxurious feel and look to any boat. Like all of the other carpets in's portfolio, our luxury boat carpet is equipped with a rubber back, along with stain, fade and ravel resistant technology.

Boat Carpet for bass boat
The style of boat carpet that we recommend for bass boats is 16oz or 20oz classic marine grade boat carpet. The reason we recommend this style is because of the ability for this style of carpet to resist getting snagged by fishing lures and hooks.

Boat Carpet for pontoon boat / deck boat / ski boat / wakeboard boat
For all of these style of boats we recommend any style of marine grade boat carpet that we offer. Our Classic, Premium, or Luxury series will work great in any style of these boats. When it comes time to purchase replacement marine carpet for any of these boats it comes to what style you feel works best for your boat; such as color, texture, and price. All of our boat carpet is rubber backed, UV resistant, fade resistant, ravel resistant, mold resistant, mildew resistant, stain resistant, and backed by a 3 year warranty.’s marine grade boat carpet is manufactured to handle the harsh marine environments, maintaining its high quality look and feel for years to come.

Boat Carpet for house boat
The style of boat carpet we recommend for yachts and house boats is Luxury 28oz Sculptured Boat Carpet. This marine grade boat carpet is the highest quality of marine grade carpet available. Our luxury boat carpet has the feel of indoor carpet, while exceeding the standards of marine grade carpet.

Other size boat carpet cuts available for purchase
As shown on our website offers all their standard cuts available for purchase. If there is a boat carpet cut which you need that is not shown on our website, please contact us at 1-888-283-0704 we will be able to let you know availability and price.

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